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Living Room Curtains, best way to Make Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains, in addition to block sunlight and maintain your privacy, living room curtains on the design of your living room. In addition, it is useful to camouflage flaws and awkward shape of the window so that it looks bigger, more complete or less close to the action of the interior design.

Living Room Curtains, Style curtains can be expensive, but with the right guidance you can make your own curtains. Choose an appropriate model curtain. Figure design you see the kind of impact that you in your living room. It should complement the existing furnishings and color scheme in your room.

Living Room Curtains, to use Choosing the right fabric. Different materials can add different effects in a window seat. For example, if you have chosen shades of layers, you can use a combination of printed fabrics for curtains and clear. Choose a palette of pastel colors, soft fabric creates a romantic atmosphere. Curtains are ideal for flower arrangements and themes.

Prepare materials. He has all the necessary steps when cutting and installing the blinds guide. To do this, so your curtains fit and professional look. These steps will walk you through all the necessary markings before cutting the fabric and minimize waste.

Mark the fabric to the measurements you made. Just cut tissue through the lines.
Press the area, the seam is provided. Fold about 1 / 2 inches of cutting edge material. Press the seam with a hot
iron. This will keep the lid in place.
Prepare the thread in your sewing machine. Place the fabric on the sewing machine to sew up the hem. Trim
excess wire. Press the finished product.
Curtain clip rings on the curtain. Hang up and evenly spread through the tissue on the length of the curtain rod.

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